BiJules Greenbox Project

Mother, in collaboration with Bijules aka Jules Kim, worked together to create a new interactive piece for Beck’s Green Box Project. Bijules, a New York City based jewelry designer known for her imaginative, edgy work, was chosen as one of the artists to contribute a piece.

Jules Kim approached Santa Maria (Josh and I) to make a piece that would match the spirit of her line.  Starring the designer herself, Jules is seen bathed in gold–add to it a liberal sprinkling of gold dust and dancing gold fingers adorned with the designer’s jewelry for a magical mood setting piece. To view pieces commissioned by Beck’s Green Box Project you need the app and a smartphone or tablet. Once you track down a Beck’s Green Box you can access the artworks that have been made by artists from around the world with the Green Box app. The Bijules Green Box Project is located at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA.