Helios WIP

Here are frames from a project meant to bring awareness to solar energy. Helios is a digital project created to raise awareness of solar energy. the project incorporates a website complete with helios’ branding, a few short animations to promote solar energy, and a print element to further get the word out. the project is still in the works at the moment. however, the main branding and design work is complete. Helios means sun in greek. the logo was designed to represent the suns rays being absorbed by a solar photovoltaic cell.

The rest of the designwork followed suit. To the right is a mock up of the website. it will be a hub for solar energy news in a blog style format. it will allow members to submit articles or any information they deem important to the matters of solar energy as well as provide a space to chat about happenings.

Thanks to Sandy/Where We've Been preview

This image was shot out of my apartment window. I had it all set up to create a time-lapse piece of buildings downtown NY. It took me a few days to dial in on the look I was going for and do tests at different times of day. Then hurricane Sandy hit...

My apartment building took significant damage due to flooding. So much that its residents had to live elsewhere for several months. It's a bummer. Perhaps, I can to finish this once I'm able to go back to my home. One can hope.